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In Memory

The Nice List started as a way to honor my three Uncles and their love of Christmas. Listed below is a little information about each of them so that you can get to know them as well.

David Leo "Bo" Lanham. Died December 11, 2012.

Uncle Bo was known for his generosity. It was not unusual for him to take his entire paycheck and spend it on candy bars, toys, and model kits for his nieces and nephews. For years, he dressed up as Santa and would walk up and down the "hollers" of Cabin Creek to ensure that if a child's parents could not go to the mall to see Santa, that they at least saw Santa on Christmas Eve.

Clarence Nicholas "Nick" Lanham. Died December 16, 2013.

Uncle Nick was a retired truck driver for Brenntag Trucking Company with over 15 years of service, a Marine veteran of Vietnam and was extremely proud of the Marine Corps.

Malcolm Arnold "Mike" Lanham Sr. Died on June 10, 2014.

Uncle Mike was the first of 8 children. He served in the US Navy January 25, 1965 to November 30th, 1984 serving aboard many ships and shore duty stations. He served 3 tours in Vietnam, 2 on ships and 1 tour in country. He lived the rest of his life with complications from "Agent Orange" during his tours.