Isaac Morgan


As the man who makes the list and checks it twice, it is Isaac's vision and determination to honor his three Uncles memory and love of Christmas that will provide the foundation and growth of the Nice List as a 501(c)3 non profit organization.

As a Founding Father of the Epsilon Mu Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity at Marshall University in Huntington, WV, Isaac has learned multiple skills that will help the Nice List strengthen the community and expand the Nice List state-wide and eventually on a national level. Learning from his family his work ethic, Isaac has consistently worked 50-65 hours at his "normal job" during the holidays and completed every promised Santa event along with taking what little personal time he has to edit videos and pictures, update the website, and work on sponsorships and donations for the organization year round. This of course doesn't include putting on "the suit" for several hours every day he has off for events.

"This is my legacy. When God calls me home and people speak about who I was, they will say that I was Santa for many. They will speak about the Nice List."

Board of Directors

Kelly Wyckoff

Vice President

Kelly Wyckoff

Vice President

The connection that brought Kelly to working with The Nice List is her daughter Treasure Lanham. Treasure's grandfather is Mike Lanham, who was also Isaac's uncle. Mike holds a special place in Treasure's heart and Kelly always had a fondness for him. When Kelly heard that Isaac was honoring the memory of Mike and his Uncles Nick and Bo, she was drawn to his passion and dedication that manifested itself as The Nice List.

Kelly spent most of her youth and adult life in West Virginia. From the time that she hosted her first backyard Carnival for MDA in the 70s, she knew that she was going to be drawn to participating in projects and initiatives that benefitted those in need. After college, Kelly was very active in the West Virginia Jaycees where she held the offices of Program Manager for WVU Children's Hospital, Region III District and Regional Director, Write Up State Chairman and she was one of the first women to gain membership in the Morgantown Chapter, where she held several local offices. In 1992, she was recognized for her leadership and dedication with the WV Jaycees Statesman Award.

In the past 20 years, Kelly has been active in fundraising for many local organizations throughout north central WV. Her work with Isaac to assist in positioning The Nice List to gain it's current status, was was certainly one of the most worthwhile endeavors in those 20 years. There is such a need in our home state and the surrounding area. Isaac has the spirit of Christmas and his 3 Uncles on his side. Kelly is happy to be a small part in such good company.

Michelle Morgan


Michelle plays a vital role to The Nice List, her multiple unique skill sets are what makes us tick. A registered nurse, with a bachelors of science in nursing from Marshall University (2007), Michelle uses her organizational skills, patience, and social skills to keep the Nice List successful. Not only is she a registered nurse, she is highly skilled in makeup artistry and keeps Santa always looking fresh before/during/after events as able. She is also the wife of our founder, Isaac, and has supported him every step of the way. She believes in giving back and helping underprivileged families and children who are in need, filling the gap of their own family, where Michelle & Isaac do not have any children of their own yet. Michelle was fond of Isaac’s Uncle Bo and always loved to hear stories of him dressing up as Santa. In addition to nursing at Marshall, Michelle is also a member of Phi Mu Fraternity and a former member of the Marching Thunder Colorguard.