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First fundraiser of #ChristmasInJuly Announced!

We are proud to announce that for the first three weeks in July we will be running another fundraiser with Scragglepop! For those that don’t know what Scragglepop is here’s an excerpt from their website: 

ScragglePop Kettle Corn was founded in the summer of 2008 by husband and wife Dale and Stephanie Scragg. Their goal was to deliver a product that was not only delicious, but also a lot of fun! No one can resist the addictive taste of sweet and salty kettle corn! When ScragglePop first came into existence, Dale and Stephanie committed to being honorable business owners by serving people with respect and efficiency. ScragglePop operates under strict health codes concerning cleanliness and safety. All of the equipment used is able to pass any regions health inspection.

ScragglePop is available for any function that you believe would enjoy kettle corn. Some of the places that you may see ScragglePop's red tent include festivals, car shows, old-fashioned days, concerts, church functions, and other large gatherings. They can also be seen at Marshall University's sporting events including the Thundering Herd's basketball and football games. They are also the kettle corn vendor of Big Sandy Superstore Arena and can be seen at all Big Sandy's events and concerts. Wherever people like kettle corn, we'll be there.

We are truly honored to be working with Scragglepop again after a successful fundraiser in November with them. Everybody that bought some popcorn LOVED it... even some people were upset that they didn’t order last time, or didn’t order enough! Do not be that person this time!

You can place an order by getting in contact with us and we can discuss payment, delivery, etc.

Flavors available are: Original, Chocolate, Caramel, Cheddar, Cinnamon, and Chicago 50/50 (which is a 50/50 mixture of cheddar and caramel). All available in 3 different sizes!

Go ahead and get an idea of what you want to order because we’ll be starting to take orders on July 1st!