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Did you see the announcement of our Raffles next month?

Worked pretty hard this month to make sure next month is definitely a "Christmas in July". Even did something I'm not as comfortable with and went live on the Nice List Facebook Page (make sure you go and like it as well!) to share the news.

Here's all of the announcements we made in our live video:

1. The 500th like to the facebook page will get to pick out ANY item from our teespring store and I will buy it for them out of my own pocket and have it shipped to them.

2. We are going to be receiving a donation from iheartmedia of concert tickets to Picnic with the Pops. I'm not sure what show it is yet as that information is forthcoming. To be eligible to win this prize, all you have to do is make a $5 donation to us and say you want to be entered in the raffle. It's that simple.

3. "Restaurant Raffle": We have received some "Be our guest" cards from Marshall Hall of Fame Cafe, and 2 "Dinner for 2" cards from Chipotle (each card is eligible for two free entrees, chips and guac, and 2 fountain drinks). To be eligible to win in this raffle all you have to do is make a $5 donation and mention you want in the "restaurant raffle."

4. "Summer Fun Raffle". This is the one. For a $25 donation, you can be entered to win one of the following prize packs: a $300 Yeti Cooler, or one of two Yeti Loadout Buckets complete w/lid and a backyard/tailgate game.

With all of these raffles they are designed to make anyone have a chance at winning. To increase those chances anyone that makes a donation for 5 tickets in one raffle will receive an additional free ticket.

I can not stress the importance of fundraising this early enough. It is very difficult to tell someone what I can, or can't, do for them if I don't have funds to work with. It's difficult to say what events I can plan without a budget. Please help to make this event, and this month, the best start of our year. Let's truly make it a Christmas in July!